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Potomac Woman Bitten By Venomous Snake | News

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Potomac Woman Bitten By Venomous Snake

POTOMAC, Md. (WUSA) -- Debra Panitch says a fear of snakes has never been on her list of phobias. Of course, that was before she was bitten by a poisonous one in the backyard of her Potomac home.

It was right around 6:30 Tuesday night. Debra was cleaning up her backyard getting ready for her son's bar mitzvah party on Saturday. When she moved a piece of furniture chest to sweep behind it, she found a small snake.

According to Debra, she picked the snake up with her to hands to show her children that small snakes can't hurt you. Within seconds, the snake bit hurt, and hurt her, badly.

Turns out the snake was a Northern Copperhead, one of two types of venomous snakes found in Maryland.

Within minutes of being bitten, Debra's hand started swelling severely, so she called 911 and was rushed to Shady Grove Adventist Hospital, where, after being given several doses of an anti-venom, the swelling finally started going down.

Incredibly, a few hours after Debra was admitted to Shady Grove, another Montgomery County resident was treated at the hospital after he, too, was bitten by a venomous Northern Copperhead.

Doctors say it's possible that last week's earthquake and this weekend's hurricane somehow brought a number of snakes closer in contact with people.