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Bethesda Man Sentenced to Jail and Fined $60,000 for the Sale of Illegal Rockfish | Crime

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Bethesda Man Sentenced to Jail and Fined $60,000 for the Sale of Illegal Rockfish
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One of Washington's largest seafood wholesalers has been fined over $500,000 for the sale of illegal rockfish for over 10 years.

Federal prosecutors say Ocean Pro, Ltd, which also operates by the name of Profish, has been ordered to pay a $575,000 fine. The Maryland U.S. Attorney’s office states that the Vice President of Ocean Pro, Ltd, its fish buyer, and a waterman were sentenced to jail.

Timothy Lyon of Bethesda, Md. officer and part owner of the company has been sentenced to 21 months in jail and a $60,000 fine alone.  The fish buyer Benjamin Clough of Graysonville, Md. was sentenced to 15 months and a $7,000 fine. Lastly, waterman Gordon Jett of Fredericksburg was sentenced to five months and $4,572 in restitution.

"When fisherman and fish wholesalers do not comply with the law, they imperil the entire fishery and adversely impact livelihoods of those in the fishing industry who abide by the law, and reap an impermissible economic advantage through their non-compliance," said Ignacia S. Moreno, Assistant Attorney General for the Environment and Natural Resources Division of the Department of Justice. "The Chesapeake Bay watershed is a national treasure, and the striped bass fishery is an important resource that we must protect from plunder for our enjoyment and that of future generations."

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