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Time Management Tips & Techniques | Business

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Time Management Tips & Techniques

As I promised here is the third of a series of three time management articles on managing your time and life. Good time management skills will allow you to be in control of your time and life, and your stress and energy levels. Here are several tips and techniques, plus a great exercise that will support you in getting things accomplished!

Tips & Techniques:

  1. Know your most productive time of day…your biological prime time. When do you have the most energy? Are you a morning person? Use this time for your most important tasks.
  2. Delegate whenever possible. Is there someone else that is appropriate to handle the job?
  3. Prioritize and manage your list based on a timeline (as opposed to deadline). Strategically place those items of greatest pressure or concern.
  4. Use one calendar. You will inevitably lose information if you use more than one calendar.  
  5. Set boundaries and limits. What are you saying yes to when you’d like to say no.
  6. Reward yourself by celebrating the achievement of your goals, large and small.

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