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Key Aspects for Living a More Resilient Life | Business

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Key Aspects for Living a More Resilient Life

As promised last time, I want to share some key factors in how to lead a more resilient life. Resilient people think differently. They use a set of skills, whether innate or learned, that allows them to persevere, to manage stress more easily, and to move through failure instead of getting stuck in it. Strengthening your resilience muscle will positively affect the quality of your life. The more you consciously choose to bounce back, the faster you will do so.

Here are a few factors to living a more resilient life: 

1) Have caring and supportive relationships within and outside the family. Relationships that create love and trust and provide positive role models offer encouragement and reassurance to help build a person’s resilience.

2) Practice positivity. Optimists live nine times longer than pessimists. Seeing the bright side of any situation allows you to thrive and live a healthier, longer life. Base your decisions on facts rather than on assumptions. Avoid jumping to conclusions. If something isn’t working, make the adjustments until it does work.

3) Learn from failure and move on. Failing doesn’t mean you are a failure. Most people get hung up on failure. The real failure is to let it stop you. Resilient people don’t let failure stop them. They triumph in the face of challenges!

Next time… More ideas on Resiliency.

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