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"This guy's got Sole": A Man's 7,000 Mile Walk For Charity | Community Spirit

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"This guy's got Sole": A Man's 7,000 Mile Walk For Charity


Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for those who have died serving our country. It’s a great time to honor the men and women who fight daily to keep America free.

It is normally a time when most people leave the city for a nearby beach and some much needed relaxation, to celebrate the start of summer and pool season. However, not all people leave.

We met Iraq War Veteran, Troy Yocum Friday morning at Modell’s in Bethesda. He is honoring his fellow military servicemen by hiking 7,000 miles across America with a goal of raising $5 million dollars to help military families in need.

Troy joined the Army National Guard on August 21, 2001 just days before 9/11. He spent two years in the 151st Infantry out of Southern Indiana and served in Kuwait and Iraq for 13 months with the 100th Battalion 442nd Infantry. Shortly after his return, he decided that he wanted to help struggling military families and came up with a plan to raise money.


“I put this plan together to walk town to town and city to city across America to spread awareness and to help thousands of military families across our nation,” said Yocum.


Modell's Sporting Goods store got wind of his intentions and decided to support him by giving him gear for his travels and help him meet his goal of $5 million dollars as soon as possible.


“He’s raised about 200,000 and we think we can help him raise the rest,” Modell’s EVP David Hoodis said.


Troy is making his way up the East Coast, visiting Maryland for the first time today to meet local veterans and to contribute to a local military family in need. Clarksburg, MD resident, Corporal Michael Mitchell recently in remission from a cancerous tumor near his lung and heart, has hit financial straits after his bout with cancer and received a $2,000 donation from Troy and the Wish Upon a Hero Foundation for car repairs to help him get to and from work and back on his feet.

To follow Troy on his journey and learn more about his campaign go to: http://drumhike.com/