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A Mother's Love Letter: "The Way that I Love You" | Families

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A Mother's Love Letter: "The Way that I Love You"
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A Mother's Love Letter: "The Way that I Love You"

It’s indescribable, really . . . the way that I love you. I want more for you than I could ever imagine wanting for myself.

I want you to find fulfillment, love, and self-worth. I want you to know how special you are, that you can move mountains if you choose to, and that I’ll love you no matter what.

I want things for you that are seemingly impossible.... You see, while I wish for you a life without hard knocks, I hope you'll grow to appreciate the benefits of mistakes made and lessons learned. I want you to feel puppy love, bubbling teenage excitement, and butterflies in your twenty-something stomach; yet I cringe at the thought of your broken heart. I want you to always aim for the highest highs, yet I hope you'll find gratification in knowing that you've done your best. Even if your best isn't first place.

I want anything fulfilling and everything good for you. I want your heart to sing upon your successes and to find peace when times are hard. I want you to know the true contentment that lies in helping others and promoting kindness. I want you to know that before you could even speak, you'd made an immeasurable difference in this world just by being you.

As Mother's Day approaches, my dear child, words fail in my pursuit to describe the depth of my love for you. But know this.... I love you to the moon and back a billion times. And somehow, while it's seemingly impossible, I’ll love you even more tomorrow. And every tomorrow after that.


Happy Mother's Day from the WUSA 9 family!

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