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Learning How To Balance Our Energy | Health

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Learning How To Balance Our Energy

     Socrates said, “the unexamined life is not worth living.”  While I always recommend positive self-talk, (the examined life is a joyful experience, for example), Socrates is suggesting that we step back from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life and have a look at who we are and what we have become. Perhaps you will agree, the wise teacher has a point! Where, you might ask, do we start?

     A great starting place for self-examination is comes in the form of an intriguing question:  Are we human beings or human doers?  Sometimes, I believe we should call ourselves human doers because it feels like we are always in action… we are doing this and doing that.  We all have such busy lives – going to meetings, conference calls, our kids’ sports games, carpooling, running errands, and so on…like well-oiled machines. 

     We are not, however, machines and even if we were made of machine-like parts, frequent tune-ups and adequate fuel are needed to run at peak efficiency. Many times we forget to keep ourselves tuned and if we are not careful, we’ll burn out. One approach to maintaining our mental, emotional and physical health is to maintain a state of balanced energy. Remaining in balance requires a kind of vigilance only possible by a commitment to conscious awareness. 

     Let’s view this energy I speak of as dwelling in three different houses…the Doing House, (action/accomplishment), the Being House,  (heart space/ connection/relationship) and the Visioning House, (dreaming/creating ideas).  What’s important is to create a balance between the three.  Make conscious choices about how you want to use your energy.  For me, balancing the three energies supports me being healthy and staying positive.  As I go through my day, (and the roller coaster of emotions that can come from life’s situations), the impact of balance is that I feel more even, more confident, and more in control.

     By being aware, by remaining mindfully conscious, we can catch ourselves so that we are not hanging out in one of these energy silos too long.  Make a conscious effort to shift from one energy house to another.

Here are several easy steps to initiate as shift:

  1. Be aware of the energy house you’re in – in other words, are you in an action mode, connection mode (connecting with yourself and others), or creating ideas?
  2. Once you have identified which house you are in, make a conscious effort to shift into another house after a reasonable amount of time, (whatever that is for you). Come up with ideas and take action on them so they don’t just remain ideas.
  3. Notice what you’re feeling in your body.  Your body gives you a lot of signals. Pay attention to these messages.
  4. Practice awareness. For example, when I began to practice awareness, my mantra became, “Please let me be more aware today than I was yesterday.”  After months of saying this to myself, I created a new pattern or positive habit where I don’t have to tell myself this everyday…I just am more aware.

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