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Downside To Energy Boosters

Downside To Energy Boosters

BETHESDA, Md (WUSA) -- Photographer and event planner Sol Tucker runs Push Media Group. He spends long days tracking down celebrities or hitting major DC sports and entertainment events. To keep going on those busy days Sol reaches for something to give him a little extra.

He has tried 5-hour energy and red bull but likes energy gels the best. These gels are really made and marketed for marathon runners and endurance athletes.

Max Lockwood manager of Chevy Chase Running Company told us, "These companies have come along and created digestible energy for them. Sugar, carbs, protein and electrolytes to fuel muscle. So they can go a little bit longer without cramping up or breaking down."

Opportunity to meet Flag Officers from the NAVY at their Stars & Stripes Reception

Opportunity to meet Flag Officers from the NAVY at their Stars & Stripes Reception

The U.S. Department of the NAVY hosted and invited our members to attend the Stars & Strips reception held during the Black Engineers Awards Conference on February 18, 2011.  The NAVY (Flag Officers) had round-table discussions with the students based on their interest in a career in science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM).  

On Saturday, February 19th, the Patriots attended the conference where hundreds of organizations were available to help our youth focus on the importance of STEM related fields in an effort to develop the necessary leadership skills to be successful in their future career goals.

Same-Sex Marriage Leaps Hurdle In Maryland Senate

Same-Sex Marriage Leaps Hurdle In Maryland Senate

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WUSA) -- A same sex marriage bill cleared a big hurdle in Maryland's legislature Wednesday, leaving opponents talking about a voter referendum to undo what they fear may already be a done deal.

State senators voted 25-22 to advance the measure to a final vote, which could come as soon as Thursday.

In the process, lawmakers added further protections for religious groups to exempt them from having to provide educational services or insurance coverage for gay couples. They also changed the official name of the bill -- stripping the words "Religious Freedom" from the title -- to make it the "Civil Marriage Protection Act."

Supporters of the bill defeated numerous proposals from opponents that would have allowed court clerks to refuse to marry gay couples, kept schools from "promoting same-sex marriage" and renamed the bill "Same-Sex Marriage."

Budget Struggles Loom In Montgomery County

Budget Struggles Loom In Montgomery County

ROCKVILLE, Md. (WUSA) -- Former Montgomery County Council member Duchy Trachtenberg took on public employee unions during last year's re-election campaign, and suffered an election loss largely because of it. She sees the kind of showdowns that are taking place between public employees and legislators in Wisconsin this week as a possibility when the county legislature has to make tough budget decisions within the next several weeks.

"My prediction is that you're going to have some pretty strenuous debate about the very issues that are being raised in places like Ohio and Wisconsin," she told 9NEWS NOW.

"We're in a real budget crunch and we have been for several years. And what's very clear, certainly to folks on the executive side, is that some of the obligations that we have for employees, and also for those that have retired, are not sustainable.

Want to be a Campus Correspondent for Spring Sports Season? Apply Now!

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) -- Are you a high school student who loves sports, TV and shooting video?  If so, the Campus Correspondent program is right for you, especially if you're interested in winning a college scholarship!

Thurman Stalker Seeks Plea Deal In New NYC Case

NEW YORK (AP) -- Uma Thurman's convicted stalker is trying to work out a plea deal after a Manhattan court refused to toss out or pare down charges that he flouted a court order by trying to contact her again.

A judge said Wednesday there was enough evidence to support the new contempt, stalking and other charges against Jack Jordan.
Jordan's lawyer and prosecutors say they're discussing the possibility of a plea deal but haven't reached any agreement.

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Jordan was convicted in 2008 of stalking and harassing the "Pulp Fiction" actress. He was sentenced to three years' probation and told not to try to contact her for five years.

Prosecutors say he called some of Thurman's phone lines and demanded to speak to her twice in October.

ICC Officially Opens In Maryland

ICC Officially Opens In Maryland

OLNEY, Md. (WUSA) -- The first section of the Intercounty Connector highway in Maryland opened to drivers Wednesday morning after more than half a century of planning, debating, cancellations, lawsuits, fights, and construction.

The first seven miles of the highway opened ahead of schedule. "We were able to open the westbound lanes this morning at 1:15, and we opened the eastbound lanes at 3:20," said Harold Bartlett, the acting executive secretary of the Maryland Transportation Authority. "The first car came through at 3:30."