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Garden of Life

The summer month's approach … and now is the time in the garden of life, to attentively tend to the weeds of limiting thought and nurture our growth with the water of positive self-talk. As promised last month you'll find some helpful tips to help you with the challenges of finding a job and inspiring thoughts from Oprah's work and years of guests. Enjoy!

If you are presently looking for a new job -

      During the interview process, you will commonly hear questions or remarks about being under or over qualified. Should this happen, shift the focus by describing your skills, abilities, positive attitude and why you are interested in the position. Be ready to provide tangible contributions and measurable results you have achieved. Here are a few more suggestions my clients have found useful:

  • Network and build relationships
  • Set up practice interviews
  • Update your resume
  • Start out as a volunteer and make sure the employer knows you're interested in a paying position
  • Look into temporary or project assignments
  • Create a transition tip card - put you contact info on one side and bullet a few skills and strengths on the back side
  • Brainstorm options and possibilities
  • Get support from others
  • Don't be critical of yourself or others
  • Have realistic expectations

Experience Counts

  • If you are re-entering the workforce, remember you have much to offer ...
  • Knowledge and Experience
  • Adaptable skills & strengths
  • Loyalty and team orientation rather than the desire to move upward and out
  • A balanced, calm, mature perspective
  • Great work ethic

For more information contact:
Susan Samakow, PCC, CPCC
Certified Business, Life, & Leadership Coach