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Photo Gallery | 8 Tips To Stay Healthy & Fit From Celeb Nutritionist

Potomac, Md. native, and certified dietician and nutritionist, Heather Bauer works with many celebs including Tyra Banks. She has been writing on the topic of nutrition and diet since 2003, and recently released her new book, "Bread is the Devil." In this book, she shares tips, tricks, and secrets to living a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Here are seven items that she believes you must incorporate into your daily diet and one you should stay far away from:

1. Fiber

2 Lean Protein

3. Water

4. Berries

5. Red, Purple, Blue Fruits & Veggies

6. Wild Salmon

7. Dark Leafy Greens & Veggies

** Watch out for foods that are "pop-able, dip-able, pick-able, and non-stoppable,"  says Heather Bauer. This food falls into the category of chips, nuts, wasabi peas, dried nuts, guacamole, and hummus. "They are great and very tastey, but not if you eat unlimited quantities!"